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Robert just filmed an episode of FOX's COOL KIDS, entitled 'Indecent Proposal'. Watch for it to air later this month or early May. The show airs on Friday nights at 8:30pm.



Synopsis: Nice-guy Fred rarely gets through the day without falling to the ground with crippling back and neck pain. To top it off, Fred is not taken seriously by anyone, and a swarmy younger partner threatens his job of 25 years at his own father's law firm. But, when the beautiful Regan comes in looking for a divorce lawyer, the two quickly form a bond, and she suggests he visit an acupuncturist - who discovers that Fred has a rather unique talent. As Fred finally begins to find relief for both his chronic pain and his persistent lonliness, he wonders if his problems are more psychological than physical.

THE OFFICE writer, producer and actor Paul Lieberstein writes, directs and stars in this pitch-perfect romantic comedy about long-term relationships and the emotional baggage everyone has a hard time confronting. Through a unique blend of mundane and fantastical interludes in Fred's life, Lieberstein creates a compelling portrait of a man struggling to heal himself when the odds are perpetually stacked against him. With stellar supporting performances from Rosemarie DeWitt, Brian D'Arcy James, Robert Pine, Clark Duke, and a scene-stealing Paul Feig, this film offers an inventive parable about taking control of your destiny at any age. The Orchard has purchased the North American rights to the film and it is scheduled for release later this year.



Robert is currently filming a new movie called WISH MAN. WISH MAN is the true story of Frank Shankwitz, a founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Wish Man covers Frank’s young life, the incidents and people who helped develop his character, and his adventures during his law enforcement career, including being killed in the line of duty and being brought back to life. And, finally, it portrays his realization of what his mission in life was when he met Chris, the little boy who inspired Frank’s idea to create the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In the film Robert portrays Eddie Newman.

Robert Pine The Wish Man
Robert with Frank Shankwitz,
founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Wish Man Robert Pine


34-years after his death, Airman William H. Pitsenbarger, Jr. ("Pits") is awarded the nations highest military honor for his actions on the battlefield. One of the great untold stories of the Vietnam era. Also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Whitford, Christopher Plummer, Diane Ladd, William Hurt, Peter Fonda Amy Madigan and Max Gail, Robert portrays Meredith Huffman. It is scheduled for release sometime in 2018.
The Last Full Measure Robert Pine

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